Chilliwack PieceMakers Quilting Guild

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Quilt Challenge

Executive Meeting:    Via  Zoom - 7pm      Nov 4, 2020

Gereral Meeting:    Via Zoom - 7 pm     November 18, 2020

Sew Fun Saturday:    Via Zoom - 10 am     October 31, 2020

Quilt Show Challenge -

Photos of completed projects plus the list of the persoanlly selected 10 items need to be emailed to the guild address by Nov 10 so they can be entered in the survey to vote for a winner.  Details on the Quilt Show Challenge can be found on the Quilt Show page.




Sharing is Caring -

Please send as many photos as you like for show & tell.  Send them to the guild email at



Come join us as a Guest, stay as a Friend

ZOOM Meetings - 

To attend the next general meeting you will need to download Zoom on your personal computer or laptop.  You can also use a tablet or phone by downloading the Zoom app.  You don't need to sign up for an account you just need to have the application on your device.  LOOK FOR YOUR INVITE TO THE MEETING IN YOUR EMAIL FROM THE GUILD ADDRESS.



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