Chilliwack PieceMakers Quilting Guild

Quilt Show 2018

PieceMaking in the Valley Quilt Show

Date: 19 & 20 October, 2018

Location: Chilliwack Alliance Church, 8700 Young Road, Chilliwack.




Committee  Leaders  - Sign-up

A huge thank you to all of those who have volunteered to take on a leadership position.  All positons are now filled.  There will be plenty of opportunity for other members to assist on committees and during the actual quilt show weekend.

                                                                                              Show Co-Chair  - Karlie M                                      

                                                                                              Show Co-Chair  - Wendy L                                    

Advertising  -  Kate D                                                                                                           Photographer  -  Norma H

Challenge Quilt  -  Wanda L                                                                                                Prize Baskets  -  Kate D

Decorations  - Carla C  / Cathy C                                                                                       Quilt Registration  -  Beatrice R / Dalle P

Demonstrations  - Maureen G  / Carla C                                                                          Raffle Quilt Sales  -   Grace L

Entrance Table  - Gail W                                                                                                      Receiving/Returning Quilts  -   Cathy V / Grace L

Guild/Boutique Table  -  Sandra L / Wendy L                                                                   Tea Room Decorations -   Joanne B

Kitchen/Tea Room  -  Janet S                                                                                              Treasurer - Shirley V

Merchants  - Lyn R / Darlene T                                                                                           We Care Display  - Gail W



Raffle Quilt Construction Committee

Thank you to those who have signed up to contribute their time in making the First Prize Raffle Quilt for the 2018 Show.  They are: Grace L, Gail W, Wendy L, Wanda L, Debra P, Micheline G, Kate D, Darlene B, Janet S, Sandra L, Karlie M.

First sew-in day was Sat 23rd Sept.  Wow did we work hard all 64 blocks were fully completed in just one day.  Karlie sewed all the blocks together the next day and the top is now ready for Grace L to add her magic (long arm quilting).  




Advertising Poster - Thank you to Kate who has taken on the Advertising job for our Quilt Show.  She has completed her first task of getting our poster printed.  She also has postcards of the same image ready to go.

At a future meeting these will be available for members to take and hang in locations around our community and others to advertise our event.




Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales  -


Gwynne Vaughn Park - June 2 - Wendy will do set up

Chilliwack Quilt Guild (day guild) - June 19 - Janet / Lyn will do set up and sales

Threshermans/Pioneer Village - Aug 11 - Karlie will do set up

Agassiz Fall Fair - Sept 14/15 - Cathy V will do set up



Show Challenge Project - Sew That Tune

Choose a song title than contains a colour name then create your interpretation using any technique you wish! Your quilt will be displayed with a card attached to it, indicating your song title. We will ask our viewers to vote for the quilt that they feel best depicts the song title.

The finished quilt should not exceed 100 inches in circumference/perimeter. It can be any shape that you wish, but it must have a straight top edge with a sleeve for ease of hanging. Attach a label to the back of your quilt with your name on it, and then cover it in some way that can be easily removed after judging.

I hope that you have fun with this and that we have many entries. If you need a little help visit for songs with colours in the title.  Please talk to Wanda if you have any questions. 


Raffle Baskets -

The Basket Raffles are a great fundraiser for our guild and supports our "We Care" program. This year we will have 10 Raffle prizes at the show - 8 Baskets and 2 Quilt Racks. Thanks so much to Barry Lyon and Neil Robinson for donating the beautiful quilt racks!

We're asking for help from our membership to put together 8 themed prize baskets. Your donations of new patterns, notions, books, fabric or other items will be much appreciated. Here are some "themes" we have in mind for the baskets: Trick or Treat / Happy Holidays / Country Gal / City Girl / Baby Time / Local Foodie ...maybe your donations will inspire another cool theme! We will collect donation items at our regular monthly meetings March through October.

Talk to Kate is you have any questions.



Consignment Boutique  -

The guild is going to have a consignment boutique at the quilt show. All items for sale must be clearly marked with your name, guild number and price.

The guild will collect a 20% commission on all consignment sales. We will accept quilts, wall hangings, quilt related items, quilting tools, books and magazines. If you are selling fabric, small and medium pieces must be bagged and marked with your name, guild number and price. Larger pieces of fabric can be folded and tagged as per instructions.

Items for sale are to be brought to the church Friday morning and there will be further instructions as to where they are to be dropped off. Wendy and I will not collect items prior to that time. It is suggested that you bring your items in a tote or box for ease of handling.

Donated items will also be accepted and we would appreciate it if you would also price those items.

Please email Sandra at and Wendy at if you have any questions. 



Volunteer Sign-up -

The sign-up sheet was available at the June meeting and will be passed around again at the September and October meetings.  All vacant places need to be filled in to make this two day event a success.  Please help out where you can, even filling in one place would be great.


Loaned Item for the Show Days -

Once again at this show we will be needing extra tables both 6 and 8 foot lengths.  We are also asking for the loan of your quilt racks.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the October meeting, or you can email with the info (Karlie).  Please be sure your name is on any items you are loaning.  They will need to be delivered Friday morning and picked up late Saturday afternoon.


Register Your Quilts - Our coming Quilt Show needs your work on display, there is space for approximately 200 quilts of all sizes.  Please consider doing this over your summer to make Beatrice's job go smoother.  Remember you should have received an email with an attached form to fill in for your registration, if you do not have it don't worry another will be sent out over the summer to remind you or you can contact Beatrice yourself  at this email link  Even if you are still working on a project please register it, if it does not get finished it it easier to remove the card than make one in a rush near the final date.  Items for display include: small quilts, table runners, medium to large quilts, Guild Challenge (Sew that Tune), Anniversary project, bag/totes, pin cushion swap.  Any questions please contact Karlie at this email link  


Note: If anyone needs help completing the online form please do not hesitate to ask, Lyn, Beatrice and Karlie are all available over the summer to assist you.


Quilt Categories for hanging and possible prizes in the 2018 Show are as follows:

  •   Small Quilt – max 30” wide or high

  •   Guild Challenge – 100” perimeter max

  •   Assembled & Quilted (same person) – 31” no max

  •   Assemble (one person) & Quilted (another person) – 31” no max

  •   Best in Show (Viewers’ Choice)

  •   Best in Show (Members’ Choice)

    Other category items to be displayed all together at the show (no prizes)

  •   Anniversary projects

  •   Journal projects

  •   Bags / totes

  •   Pin cushions


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